The Battle of Bataan World War 2 History

The battle of Bataan was fought between 7th January to 9th April 1942 in the Philippines between the US (with Filipino) forces against the Japanese. The initial invasion of the Philippines (which began only hours after the attack on Pearl Harbour alongside other attacks undertaken by the Japanese at the same time including Singapore, Malaya, Hong Kong, Wake Island.…); included aerial bombings by the 5th air group (including Mitsubishi G3M, G4 & Zero Fighters), Naval support (Third Fleet), the 11th Air Fleet and land forces (14th Army which included the battle hardened 16th and 48th Infantry Divisions) on 8th December 1941. Bataan was one of two famous WW2 battles in the Campaign as the Japanese made their advance for the occupation of the Philippines.

Although holding off the invading Japanese for several months; due to lack of supplies and food (no aerial or naval support) the Allies eventually surrounded in Bataan on April 9th (many did escape to Corregidor); however Corregidor also, just a month later surrendered on May 8th. Of the US and Filipino Prisoners of War captured in the Battle of Bataan, many later died in the Bataan death march and on the hell ships bound for slave labour in Japan. The Japanese held this territory until 1945 when it as re-taken by the allies.