Doomed Battalion: Australian 2/40th Battalion Unit History Book: Peter Henning

doomed battalion - 2-40th

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  • Condition: New
  • Format: Hardcover
  • War: WW2
  • Edition: 2nd – Revised / Updated
  • Author: Peter Henning
  • Unit: 2/40th BTN.

The Second Fortieth Australian Infantry Battalion was a Tasmania raised Battalion in the Second World War. It was raised in July 1940 and began training at Brighton camp until the 7th January 1941; when it was moved Bonegilla Camp with the other 23rd Brigade units.

It was until December the 2/40th was sent to Timor and defended the Penfui airfield base as part of Sparrow Force. Once the Japanese advanced the airfield was destroyed and the RAAF units stationed were sent back to Australia. With the Japanese closing in the 2/40th (and the rest of Sparrow Force); made their way Champlong; but with supplies running out and a growing wounded list the situation was dire. Accepting the offer from the Japanese the majority of the 2/40th Battalion surrounded (some making an escape).