To Kokoda and Beyond: 39th Battalion: Victor Austin

The Unit History Of Australia’s 39th Battalion During World War 2

kokoda and beyond 39th

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  • Condition: New
  • Pages: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: Reprint
  • ISBN: 9780522843798
  • Author: Victor Austin
  • War: WW2
  • Unit: 39th BTN




Milne Bay 1942: Clive Baker, Greg Knight

milne bay 1942 clive baker

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  • Pages: 496
  • Edited Clive Baker, Greg Knight
  • War: WW2


setting the scene, the base site, the forces gather, the way the men lived, first air raids, the aif arrives, clowes takes control, eve of the battle, invasion, men against tanks, the line holds, the cows have broken through, atrocities discovered, battle for no. 3 strip, the push begins, cautious advance, men under fire, final battles, the goroni river battle, the end is near, escaping a death trap, chasing the cruisers, the butchers of milne bay, conclusions, the years after.


australian infantry, australian gunners and support units, RAAF units, american forces, japanese forces, civilians, small boats, ships and shipping, general clowes report, japanese orders and reports, webb royal commission into atrocities, breaking the japanese code, malaria, the prose of war, addendum.

Bibliography, abbreviations and glossary, list of contributors, index of events, index of names, index of units.



Against The Sun: The AIF In Malaya 1941-1942: Janet UHR.

The AIF In Malaya 1941-1942.

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  • Condition: –
  • Edition: 1st 1998
  • ISBN: 9781864485400
  • Author: Janet UHR
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 352
  • War: WW2
  • Unit: 7 RAR

The history of the Australian 8th Division in the Malaya campaign 1941-1942

Fall Of Singapore: World War 2 Campaign

The Fall of Singapore happened during the Second World War. The battle lasted for 7 days (from 8th of February to the 15th February) in 1942; when Japan’s Military forces invaded Singapore to take control from the allied forces stationed on Singapore. This defeat and surrender was a huge surprise and blow to the allied forces in the South East Asian Theatre of War. Until this time Singapore had been considered a secure British Military base without any chance of enemy penetration. Singapore had been under British rule since 1826 as part of the Straits Settlements.

After days of heavy fighting on the 15th February; the General Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Arthur Percival signed the surrender papers; and he and many tens of thousands of British troops alongside Australian, Indian troops (and many of the local & civilian population) became Prisoners of the Japanese. This surrender was the beginning of years of harsh and brutal treatment by their captors including work on the Burma-Thai Railway. Many did not survive their time in captivity.

Due to the excessively large amount of British soldiers that surrendered at the Fall of Singapore; this battle is considered the worst defeat in British Military history; even today stirring strong opinions of whether the surrender was really necessary. Australian General Gordon Bennet did escape during the surrender process and returned to Australia; however the Australian troops (8th Division) under his command did remain to become POWs. This at War’s end (and even today) did cause controversy for which there was a Royal Commission into Bennet’s actions.

To Kokoda and Beyond (1st Edition) By Victor Austin

The Story of the 39th Battalion 1941-1943

kokoda and beyond 39th battalion aif

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  • Condition: Used: very good
  • Pages: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: 1st
  • ISBN: 9780959483208
  • Author: Victor Austin
  • War: WW2
  • Unit: 39th BTN

Contains: Casualties, Honours and Awards, Nominal Roll.

Black and white photos throughout with some maps included.