That Mob 55th/53rd Battalion AIF: FM Budden

The Story of the 55th/53rd (AIF) Australian Infantry Battalion

55th-53rd Battalion AIF Book

AU$89.00 (Australia)

  • Condition: As New
  • Pages:
  • Edition: 1993 reprint
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 646168657
  • Author: FM Budden
  • War: WW2

Contains the 55th/53rd from formation and their service and history in:

  • The Kokoda Camaign-
  • Milne Bay
  • Sanananda
  • Gona,
  • Bougainville.

-Build up of the Militia
-The formation of the 53rd
-First contact with the enemy
-A summary of the Kokoda Trail Campaign
-The 55th Battalion
-Milne Bay
-The move to Sanananda
-On the track
-7th December 1942
-Sanananda continues
-19th December and after
-An analysis of Sanananda
–Home from New Guinea
-Bougainville continues


The Chocos: F.M. Budden

The story of the Militia Infantry Battalions in the South West Pacific Area 1941-1945.

chocos - militia battalions

AU$155.00 (Australia)

  • Condition: As new
  • Pages: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: n/a
  • ISBN: 
  • Author: F.M. Budden
  • War: WW2
  • Unit: Militia

Contents: Garrison, Port Moresby – Battles Kokoda Trail, Gona and Sanananda – Milne Bay – Salamua, Lae – New Britain – Bougainville – Bibliography.