Sell Your Military Books? We Buy Books

If you have some Military books (or even just one) you wish to sell, we may-be interested.

What we need:

  • Unit books (books on specific units like Battalions, Light Horse Regiments, Artillery, Commandos etc.).
  • 1st editions or reprints are fine.

If so, we will need from you:

  • A detailed description of condition?
  • Edition
  • The price you wish to get?
  • A photo if possible (we usually ask for one sooner or later).

These details must be confirmed before ordering is considered.

What we don’t need:

  • Books at market value. If you want the highest price you have seen online – we can’t help you.
  • General War titles (coffee table books, generalized histories etc), POW stories or Biographies (basically anything other than unit books).
  • Emails asking if we want to buy a box full of War books. This happens a lot! Please, if you want to sell your books, list them individually and in detail.

Contact us below if you think you have what we need!

Send us a question? or book search request!