First In – Last Out: 2/2 Field Company RAE: Joe Jopling

Abridged History Of The 2/2nd Field Company Royal Australian Engineers, 6th Australian Division AIF 1939-1945

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  • Format: Softcover (A4)
  • Author: Joe Jopling
  • War: WW2
  • Unit: 2/2 Field Company RAE

Lebanon To Labuan: Australian Survey Corps: Lawrence FitzGerald

A story of mapping by the Australian Survey Corps World War II 1939-1945.

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  • Condition: –
  • Edition: 1st 1980
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Author: Lawrence FitzGerald
  • Pages: 124
  • War: WW2

B&W photos throughout.

Contains Regimental List of Officers.

A Short History Of 9 Field Company RAE AIF: Ray Gietzelt

A Short History Of 9 Field Company RAE AIF

AU$49.99 (Australia)

  • Edition: 1st 2006
  • Format: Hardcover (A4)
  • Author: Ray Gietzelt
  • ISBN: 187643970X


During the Pacific War, this Australian Army Unit was one of eight engineer and one Australian Infantry Companies, that was subjected to the extremes of climatic and geographic conditions in New Guinea.

Their task commenced at a time when allied command was faced with the dire threat of an invasion of Australia by the swiftly-advancing Japanese armed forces.

The project was for engineers to build the “Bulldo-Wau Road” from south coast of New Guinea to the battle front at Wau. It was needed to provide a vital supply line for our defending troops who were courageously withstanding a savage onslaught by the Japanese….

The author Ray Gietzelt, served with the unit in Papua,
New Guinea and in New Britain.


Illustrations and Maps – Acknowledgments – Part 1 : Early History of 9 Field Company R.A.E. {A.I.F} – Part 2 : 1942 A Critical Time For Australia – Part 3 : The Strategic Bulldog, Wau Road – Part 4 : Eddie Creek, Wau – Sunshine – Labu – Part 5 : Lau -Finschhafen – Jacquinot Bay – Part 6: 9 Field Company R.A.E {A.I.F} Home Leave – Part 7 : Chronology Second World War and the Surrender – Part 8 : Return to New Guinea in 1984 – Index