Never Unprepared: 26th Australian Infantry Battalion: A.N. Turrell

The Unit History Of The 26th Battalion World War 2

26th Australian Infantry Battalion

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  • Condition: New Book
  • Pages: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • ISBN: 646084976
  • Author/s: A.N. Turrell
  • Unit: 2/9th
  • War: WW2

A History of the 26th Australian Infantry Battalion (A.I.F.) 1939-1946.

Chapters include their service in: The Solomans, Rabaul, New Britain. With Honour Roll, Honours and Awards, Nominal Roll.

Nominal Roll, Honour Roll, Honours and Awards are included

Hardcover With DJ, 1st edition 1992, Used Book Excellent Cond., 194 pages.


  • Battle Honours: Bonis Porton
  • Disbanded: 1946


A History Of The 2/18th Infantry Battalion AIF: Di Elliot, Lynette Silver

The Unit History Of Australia’s 2/18th Battalion By Di Elliot, Lynette Silver

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: Revised & Updated (original was called Against All Odds)
  • ISBN: 9781876439835
  • Authors: Di Elliot, Lynette Silver
  • Unit: 2/18th
  • War: World War 2

The Second Eighteenth Infantry BTN was formed in 1940 and was part of the 22nd Brigade (8th Division). In early 1941 the unit set off for Singapore to fight the invading Japanese in the Malayan Campaign. At the fall of Singapore; members were taken as POWs by the Japanese and separated. Some Soldiers were sent to Blakang Mati, Changi, Burma Railway & Sandakan (Borneo).

Pages: 300

    • Colour Patch: Purple Over Green Diamond
    • Disbanded: 1945
    • Battle Honours: Singapore Island – Johore – Jemaluang – Malaya 1941-42