Searching For A War Book? But Can’t Find It? We Can Help!

Many of the books listed on this site are not available. In most cases these are rare books and in turn sell quickly  when they do appear. If you see a book listed but it is not available – contact us. There maybe a copy we can source for you. Please just keep in mind these books are priced accordingly and can become expensive.

Our Military Book Search Service Is Beneficial When:

  • You can’t find the book you want?
  • You don’t have the time to search?
  • You are not sure where to look or have given up looking?
  • You need / want a personalized search – NOT automated!
  • You have several books on your want list!
  • You know the unit name, but are unsure if a history book was even written for it?

Finding in print, out of print, rare or just plain hard to find War books is part of our job description, so don’t worry.

Send us a question? or book search request!

We always reply within 24 hours (7 days) to let you know either way – so you aren’t kept waiting.

This service is obligation free (you don’t have to order the book we find for you if you don’t like the price, condition etc.). All it takes is the time for you to send us an email.

We will get hunting immediately.

What Military books can you find?

Booksforever will look for any books on any War subjects including POWs, battles and campaigns, unit histories, army tanks – armoured vehicles, Naval Warfare, Air Forces  or biographies / autobiographies etc. New, used, hard to find and out of print books. There is no limit.

So if you cannot find the Military book/s you are looking for and would like a professional bookseller to do this for you – simply send us the following details listed below (where possible).

With years of online book selling experience in the war history genre and much of that searching for hard to find books from around the world, there is a very good chance we will find your book. At the very least we will give it our best shot!

Book details we need from you (the more details the better):

  • Title?
  • Author/s?
  • ISBN?
  • Edition (what edition do you want?)
  • Softcover or Hardcover?
  • New or used?

If you do not know the above details but want to find a War book by plot, or description (this is all you remember) we may be able to help also. Give us a try.

How much does it cost?

The search itself is free and there is no obligation to order whatsoever. Alternatively, once you have confirmed you wold like us to order in a book from our supplier, we do ask for payment up front. Like any books we sell, a bookseller profit is added to each sale.

Want / wish lists

If we can’t find it, we can then place you on a want list. This list is for customers who requested books we couldn’t provide at that time, but are still actively looking for. Most books at some-time at some-point will re-appear for sale. So never assume not seeing it now – means never seeing it again.

This service is a great option for those who are busy and cannot afford the time to do this, or those who simply can not locate the books not matter where they look. So always feel free to send in any requests. Just in case we have on the bookshelf right now, try our author or isbn bookstore search. It may be ready to go!

How long does it take to find my book?

Sometimes within hours to a couple of days! Otherwise we will place you (if you wish) on a want list. This way if one appears in the future, we will contact you first! Either way we will contact you within 24 hours.

How many books can I submit to this book search service?

As many as you want!

When happens when the book is found?

Once we source a copy or potential copies for you, an email with all the details will be sent to you. This email will contain details such as the condition, edition, binding and our total price (including postage to you) and the time it will take to arrive. At that stage you can decide if you wish to proceed or pass. There is no obligation at this point to proceed if you do not wish to.

If you do however wish to proceed and are happy with the price quoted and the copy we have found for you; we do then ask for payment up front, before we order the book in for you from our sources.

Do you post overseas (outside Australia)

Posting outside Australia isn’t a problem for us although it is expensive. This will be your only obstacle to using our book finding service from overseas.

How do I pay?

Paypal (including debit/credit cards) and Bank Deposit.

What if I get the wrong book?

If we have sent you a book that doesn’t match the description we have given you, we will of course offer a refund (including postage). However, please keep in mind, if we sent the book/s you had ordered based on the condition, price, edition, binding that you knew about up front, but change your mind (for whatever reason) we do not offer a refund. This is why our descriptions are in detail, so you know exactly what you are getting upfront. Please always confirm any details first – before ordering. This keeps is fair and easy for both parties.

There are two methods that we use alongside the book title search for a book.

Author search:

If you are looking for a book and can’t remember the name; but do have the authors name, we can use the authors name.

ISBN Search:

We can also locate book/s by their ISBN code.

What does it stand for? It stands for International Standard Book Number. This is code is either 13 digits long (ISBN-13) or in some case 10 digits long (ISBN-10). ISBN-10 bar codes are pre-2007. These codes are unique to individual books. Even books of the same title/author but just softcover or hardcover, will have different ISBNs.